At Marui, it all starts with passion. We love cars and we love shoes – and we’re dedicated to bringing to life one-of-a-kind designs that give us the best of both worlds. Our mission to combine the performance of professional race-wear with the comfort and casual style of our favourite pair of shoes.

About us

At Marui, our motto is performance driven design. Our mission to combine the performance of professional racing gear with the impeccable quality, design and comfort of your favorite footwear styles. Handmade from supple leathers and suedes, our collection of driving shoes offer the versatility you need for your daily adventures, both behind the wheel and on foot.


We’ve been evolving and refining our patented technology and achieving best-in-class performance continues to be a driving force behind our design philosophy.


What started as a purely functional accessory, worn by racers and drivers to improve control in the pedal box, has been refined into a versatile, fashion-forward alternative to everyday footwear.